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West Galloway U3A Monthly Meetings
1st Friday every month 10am
Speakers 2020

February TBA

Jan 2020
Jean Stokes Jenny McKnight
Feb 2020
Charles Davies and Sheena Ingham


Jan 7th Yoga re-starts
Jan 7th Local History CANCELLED
Jan 8, Marion Hannah / Doreen Purdie, Walking Group
Jan 9th Sing for Fun
Jan 13th Poetry
Jan 14th NO YOGA
Jan 15th Scrabble
Jan 15th Strollers. Leader Heather Woodliffe
Jan 16th Beadwork Group
Jan 16th Photography Group
Jan 20th Explorers Planning meeting. 11am Library
Jan 20th Writer’s Group
Jan 21st NO YOGA
Jan 22, Janet Peers / Jenny Richardson, Walking Group
Jan 29th Scrabble
Feb 5, Irene McKenzie, Walking Group
Feb 6th Book Group
Feb 11th Sing for Fun
Feb 12th Scrabble
Feb 19, Helga McNeilage / Mary Patterson, Walking Group
Feb 20th Beadwork Group
Feb 26th Scrabble
Mar 4, Janet Peers / Jenny Richardson, Walking Group
Mar 5th Book Group
Mar 12th Sing for Fun
Mar18, Janet Mallalieu / Sandra Hull, Walking Group
Mar11th Scrabble
Mar 19th Beadwork Group
Mar 26th Scrabble
Apr 1, Joyce Campbell / Elspeth Jamieson, Walking Group
Apr 2nd Book Group
Apr 8th Scrabble
Apr 9th Sing for Fun
Apr 15, Helga McNeilage, Walking Group
Apr 16th Beadwork Group
Apr 17th Garden Group
Apr 22nd Scrabble
Apr 29, Doreen Purdie / Marion Hannah, Walking Group
May 6th Scrabble
May 7th Book Group
May 13, Ella Logan / Carol Smith, Walking Group
May 14th Sing for Fun
May 15th Garden Group
May 20th Scrabble
May 27, Mary Patterson / Susan Smith, Walking Group
May 21st Beadwork Group
Jun 3rd Scrabble
June 4th Book Group
June 10, WALK DAY OUT   Janet & Marion, Walking Group
June 11th Sing for Fun
June 17th Scrabble
June 18th Beadwork Group
June 19th Garden Group
June 24, Wilma Swan / Joan Anderson, Walking Group
July 1st Scrabble
July 2nd Book Group July 8, Mary Patterson / Irene McKenzie, Walking Group
July 9th Sing for Fun
July 15th Scrabble
July 16th Beadwork Group
July 17th Garden Group
July 22, Sandra Hull / Susan Smith, Walking Group
July 29th Scrabble
Aug 5, Elspeth Jamieson / Jane Sloan, Walking Group
Aug 6th Book Group
Aug 12th Scrabble
Aug 13th Sing for Fun
Aug 19, Sandra Hull / Janet Mallalieu, Walking Group
Aug 20th Beadwork Group
Aug 21st Garden Group
Aug 26th Scrabble
Sept 2, Ella Logan / Heather McGeachie, Walking Group
Sept 3rd Book Group
Sept 9th Scrabble
Sept 10th Sing for Fun
Sept 16, Marion Hannah / Doreen Purdie, Walking Group
Sept 17th Beadwork Group
Sept 18th Garden Group
Sept 23rd Scrabble
Sept 30, Susan Smith / Ann Singleton, Walking Group
Oct 1st Book Group
Oct 7th Scrabble
Oct 8th Sing for Fun
Oct 14th, Mary Patterson/ Heather McGeachie, Walking Group
Oct 15th Beadwork Group
Oct 21st Scrabble
Oct 28, Janet Peers / Jenny Richardson, Walking Group
Nov 4th Scrabble
Nov 5th Book Group
Nov 11th, Wilma Swan / Joan Anderson, Walking Group
Nov 11th Sing for Fun
Nov 18th Scrabble
Nov 19th Beadwork Group
Nov 25, PLANNING MEETING 2021, Walking Group
Dec 2nd Scrabble
Dec 3rd Book Group
Dec 10th Sing for Fun
Dec 16th Scrabble
Dec 17th Beadwork Group


Group activities are run by members and groups meet in either a member’s home or in a venue arranged by the Group Leader

Activities are self supporting once established, but new groups can apply for funding from our Committee for their first meeting.

For security reasons anyone wishing to join a group should in the first instance contact our Groups Coordinator – Helga McNeilage using the email link below with contact details and someone will contact you by return.

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